Meet Life Media

Life Media brings together a team of professionals that is incredibly experienced and the very best in the business. Members of the Life Media team have been working together for over 20 years, serving clients in the Midwest and beyond. Our team has worked on a variety of projects ranging from modest compact single rooms to expansive complex homes and commercial spaces. Our designers and installers have built a strong longstanding reputation by working in some of the area's finest homes and with owners that have some of the most discerning tastes.

Life Media professionals are here to make sure all of our customers' needs are being met. You can call us for individual tasks such as replacing a component in your existing home theater system, installing a surveillance camera, reprogramming a remote, or adding components to your Wi-Fi network.

While we can certainly help you with smaller jobs, we also plan, design, and install the latest Audio/Visual, Home Automation and Information Technology products available. In many instances customers engage Life Media during a renovation or new construction. We will work diligently with your contractor to make sure the technology fits in seamlessly. These installations can achieve results that are so extraordinary, you will never want to leave your home.

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